Brexicide : The Way Forward

The referendum vote was like an intention to make a parachute jump; a leap into the unknown. However, when we are actually sitting at the door of the airplane we want to be sure that the backpack actually contains a parachute.

Currently there is a great deal of uncertainty regarding the actual impact of the decision for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. The referendum campaign exposed a lot of misinformation, lies and exaggeration, from both sides of the argument.

The Remain view is that we are better off within the European Union despite its drawbacks. The Leave argument is based upon unknown benefits from a hypothetical future. Our aim is to cut through all the myths and misinformation, highlight the benefits we enjoy from our EU membership and present the real impact of Brexit, so that when we reach the end of the Article 50 negotiations we are fully informed on the impact of leaving, allowing the country to change its mind and not take that jump.

What should you do – A. C. Grayling

A. C. Grayling with an exclusive message to 48 And Beyond members on what needs to be done to effectively combat Brexit!

Posted by The 48 And Beyond on Freitag, 10. Februar 2017