Revoking Brexit : A Legal Challenge

Today, April the 1st 2017 (no April fool),  Jo Maugham QC and the Good Law Project filed a legal case in a challenge to the supposed inevitably of Brexit. The case is seeking to clarify the legality of the path the Prime Minister Theresa May is taking the United Kingdom and its citizens:

  • Can the Article 50 notification, delivered this week, to leave the European Union be withdrawn?
  • Will United Kingdom citizens retain the rights they currently enjoy as European citizens?
  • Does leaving the European Union automatically mean that the United Kingdom leaves the European Economic Area?
  • What are the implications of Brexit to the status of the Good Friday Agreement?

We will follow the progress of this case with interest, the outcome is crucial to the United Kngdom being able to change its mind, and to the social, economical and political future of the country and its citizens.


Dublin Case Update: We Have Filed Our Written Legal Case


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